Launch Day: A Brief History Of Fiasco & Phoenix (Repost from June 10, 2018 Website Launch)

After a long time of working to bring you my designs, I am thrilled to finally have my website and store live!
If you got our latest email, you would have read a very brief outline of the journey that has been Fiasco & Phoenix, from a childhood passion for creating, design and art, to sewing bikinis by hand with a needle and thread in Vancouver 7+ years ago, and travelling the world as a swimwear model and cultivating an appreciation for all things Summer, fashion and swimwear.. These are just a few of the elements that brought us to this day!
To attempt to make a long story short, I made one off bikinis for the last few years and always wanted to make them myself. For some strange reason I felt that having them manufactured would be "inauthentic".. I have no idea why, but I put a lot of pressure on myself to do it all by myself. It wasn't working. I was travelling every few months, sometimes on very short notice and for weeks to months at a time, there was no way I could do it all myself, especially since I wasn't even at home with my sewing machines for most of the year!
When Amy Lee Summers, New Zealand supermodel and all-round amazing woman approached me while we were both in LA, wanting to collab on a big shoot, I wasn't feeling shoot ready, but wanted to see her so suggested I come and style her in my bikinis instead.
Fast forward to her images in my bikinis being all over the internet and me receiving tons of messages and comments wanting one particular bikini, I realised it was time to get serious about this dream. So I got myself together, changed my mindset on the "one day I will.." and got myself a plan and a proper job to get the money together to get it going.
Fast forward to 4 months after leaving that amazing job (I was there for 4 great months before moving forward with my bikinis) and two trips to Bali for manufacturing later, I arrived home less than one week ago, bikinis FINALLY in hand, and more than ready to launch my dream! If you know me, you know what a dream this has been and the journey I've been on to get here. When I first started on all of this 7 years ago, with some lycra, a needle and some thread in a Vancouver basement, while struggling to find and pay for a nice bikini for a competition I had been persuaded into entering. (It was Miss Bikini Canada and I ended up winning the whole thing.. still shocked 7 years later lol) Back then, ecommerce wasn't really a thing yet, so there were no options for buying online. Lucky for me, making things myself was something I'd always done and loved, and growing up with ambitious parents who had owned businesses in my childhood, I always aspired to be an entrepreneur, a Boss Babe! I spent years being doubted and having to teach myself to sew swimwear (amongst many other lessons) when I couldn't find anyone to teach me, and finding my way before getting to this beautiful point today, where Fiasco & Phoenix is a reality. I hope to bring you high quality swimwear that makes you feel like the Phoenix you are.
I also aim to inspire and empower women of all ages, sizes, shapes and colours to be the best they can be. To feel amazing in their own skin and to love who they are and what they've got.
To support and encourage their fellow women and to always love, and never hate.
This is #phoenixlife
Fiasco & Phoenix is much more than just a swimwear brand..
Thank you for joining the Phoenix Family <3
So much love and light,
Designer & Owner
Fiasco & Phoenix


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